Mitsubishi to showcase plug-in SUV with long electric range - Mitsubishi's GT-PHEV concept showcases the automaker's latest ideas for a fresh category of SUVs with electrified powertrains.

Mitsubishi GT-PHEV Concept

The concept, that may debut at the Paris car show on Sept. 29, has a plug-in cross drivetrain with a gas engine unit and three electric motors. The top SUV can travel 120km (75 kilometers) under energy, Mitsubishi said in a affirmation.

The GT-PHEV is the third and most significant in a series of SUV concepts from Mitsubishi with electrified powertrains. They preview a fresh category of production SUVs with a solid low-emission message, a Mitsubishi spokesperson told Automotive News Europe. She didn't give any potential start dates.

The concept will not preview an upgraded for the Pajero/Shogun large SUV, she said.

Mitsubishi GT-PHEV Concept

The GT - for Earth Tourer - posts the "Dynamic Shield" entrance end design seen on Mitsubishi's ex lover and XR principles. The midsize XR was also a plug-in cross, while the ex girlfriend or boyfriend small crossover was electric only.

Mitsubishi has said it shall have a plug-in cross types version for all those its future models in the "midterm future."

Mitsubishi's plug-in strategies could be modified following Nissan's contract to buy a handling stake in its Japanese competitor earlier this season. Nissan prefers real electric vehicles to more difficult plug-in models.

The plug-in version of the Mitsubishi Outlander midsize SUV was European countries' best-selling plug-in this past year with sales of 31,214, defeating clean EVs and rival PHEVs, corresponding to market experts JATO Dynamics.

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