2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

Like a new fling, we don’t realize where that is going or whether or not it’ll all blow up when we start assembly the relaxation of Alfa Romeo’s U.S.-bound own family next yr, but rattling, things between us and the 2017 Giulia Quadrifoglio are warm right now. As in, cuffed-to-the-bedposts warm.

The intercourse enchantment predicted of an pricey, high-overall performance Italian vehicle drips from the Giulia’s every curve. The Quadrifoglio improve piles on the pheromones with a snarling front bumper, a huge diffuser straddled through Ferrari-like exhaust guidelines, and a (painted) carbon-fiber hood and roof. The hardware also arouses. there's a torque-vectoring differential, the dual-turbocharged 2.9-liter V-6 has Ferrari lineage, and the to be had Pirelli P 0 Corsa Asimmetrico 2 tires and their ridiculously low 60 treadwear rating promise gut-transferring grip (and additionally extraordinarily quick intervals between replacements).

All of this adds as much as a sports sedan which could sincerely romp. With 505 cavalli on the prepared, the Giulia’s horsepower gain over the BMW M3, the Cadillac ATS-V, and the Mercedes-AMG C63 doesn’t visit waste, with 60 mph developing in only three.6 seconds. The region-mile flashes by in a blistering 11.9 seconds—both figures are class-leading—and although we didn’t have the space to confirm it, Alfa claims the Giulia Quadrifoglio can obtain 191 mph. those sticky Pirelli tires, in aggregate with the same old iron brake rotors (carbon-ceramic portions are to be had for $5500), help the Alfa forestall from 70 mph in a rib-bruising 143 toes. And we recorded 1.00 g of grip round our skidpad, a restrict that’s gently approachable despite the fact that so excessive that few will ever revel in it on public roads.
honestly There’s a “however” Coming, proper?

you might suppose we’ve gone off the deep end, that the Alfa has tied one thigh-high around our eyes. You’re expecting us to return to our senses and recognise that the Alfa’s wiles are handiest a distraction from the kind of flaws not unusual to semi-distinguished Italian vehicles. We must be excusing curiosities together with an strange or nonfunctional infotainment gadget, questionable build exceptional, or worse because we’re blinded by the sedan’s glowing performance and appears. We couldn’t be more surprised to declare (for the maximum part) a exceptional large “nope” to all that.

Clearly, the strangest component of the Giulia is its loss of a folding rear seat or a trunk pass-via. The relaxation of the car’s execution is spot-on. The well-assembled interior resembles a Mazda 6’s businesslike surroundings, and the front seats are nicely bolstered and graciously accept the human form. Headroom in back and front is generous thanks to the attractively domed roof, despite the fact that rear legroom is tight.

A trio of knobs at the center console are within clean reach of both the front-seat occupants for command of the stereo extent, the DNA drive-mode selector (with Dynamic, herbal, advanced efficiency, and Race settings), and the dashboard display. The infotainment menu shape is commendably straightforward. Scroll to an on-display choice and either press the knob or rock it to the proper like a joystick to get right of entry to submenus; tilt the knob to the left to intuitively returned out of a menu. simple. We simplest desire the plastic knobs felt more luxurious and that both the screen became large or that a number of the generous unused show space have been filled with large textual content.

The controls that sincerely depend are perfect. facing the motive force is a wonderfully skinny-rimmed—yes, we stated skinny—steerage wheel flanked via two column-mounted steel shift paddles so large that they resemble an horn ring accidentally established backward. The paddles are always proper where you count on them to be, and their length makes them clean to slap.

That delicate steering-wheel rim feels so proper within the driving force’s palms, specifically combined with the light attempt that the helm calls for and the lightning-short turn-in response of the chassis. there is adulthood to the steering as properly. With an ultraquick 11.8:1 ratio, the steerage rack easily could have made the Giulia twitchy and anxious in toll road tour. as an alternative, the rack functions a awesome on-middle valley that allows for palms-off-the-wheel balance at speeds over a hundred mph and fast reaction to guidance inputs beyond the valley without ever feeling abrupt. Restraint? In an Italian overall performance automobile?

The cohesive steerage interface isn’t an remoted pleasure. there may be a super consistency of tuning among the suspension, throttle, and transmission. nobody issue overwhelms any other—now not a small feat thinking about the firepower under the hood—and this balance doesn’t trade whilst switching some of the four riding modes. force a BMW M3 with the throttle set to its lazy efficiency setting again to lower back with it set to the jerky, meth-addled sport+ mode, and it feels as if you’ve driven two exceptional motors. inside the Giulia, the throttle reaction is as on the spot as your right foot can move even in the calmer settings, and the suspension by no means goes harsh, even with the pressure-mode dial set to Race. In fact, no matter the driving mode, the Quadrifoglio rides uncommonly properly, and the competitive tires in no way sing an intrusive thrum.

full of man or woman yet subtle, the V-6 is a sweetheart. in spite of its unbalanced crankshaft and ninety-degree attitude between cylinder banks, the V-6’s tingle at idle isn't any worse than the V-eight of a Chevrolet Camaro SS. A dual-mode exhaust is wellknown and fully opens at some point of deep probes of the throttle; Race mode advances it to a much wider starting even at idle. those pipes emit borderline distinct noises while the tachometer needle swings in the direction of the indicated 7000-rpm redline (fuel cutoff is at a high 7250 rpm), however they cross with no trouble serene on throughway cruises.

Despite the fact that incredibly strong, the Alfa’s iron brakes avoid grabbiness, and, as befitting a proper sports machine, the brake pedal responds to multiplied strain, now not an extended stroke. besides oddly requiring a little extra pressure to preserve constant deceleration simply earlier than coming to a stop in everyday using situations, the brake pedal reassures with plentiful preventing electricity and smoothness.

We are putting forward the Giulia Quadrifoglio the new benchmark amongst sports activities sedans. sure, you study that efficiently. It drives outstandingly well, and at $73,595 to start, it is priced within the thick of the segment. Our almost loaded test vehicle’s $79,195 as-examined rate even counts as tame compared with the costs one pays for an M3 or a C63.
through reality-colored Glasses
In case you have been watching for an asterisk, well, right here it's miles: The 505-hp 4-door, which is being joined by way of its much less mighty, 280-hp Giulia sibling in showrooms as you study this, is part of Alfa’s first crack at the mainstream U.S. vehicle marketplace since it fled from these shores 21 years in the past. That breakup turned into simply an “it’s you, no longer me” episode, given Alfa’s yellow-snow popularity for reliability woes, and there's no getting across the suits and starts offevolved which have plagued Alfa’s go back to promoting mainstream cars within the States.

We encountered a single snafu with our early-production Quadrifoglio: After faraway-starting the engine one cold morning, the take a look at-engine mild flickered on and the driving force facts screen displayed a caution that the engine and the throttle-manage unit needed provider. the car was completely drivable and exhibited no bizarre conduct apart from restricting us to what felt like the superior efficiency using mode. We cleared the eu codes, and the problem disappeared. Such hiccups are, alas, not at all uncommon industry-wide on this digital age. Our lengthy-time period take a look at of the modern BMW M3 discovered severa issues throughout its 40,000-mile live, however we’ll want longer publicity to the Alfa to determine whether or not its systems are any more or less robust than the opposition’s. as compared in opposition to the Alfa’s substantial excellence, the issue did not cool our feelings.
However oh, boy, will we desire that this tryst lasts, due to the fact this aspect is hot.

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